PGDSCM | Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management - BiMS

Our Post Graduate Diploma extends beyond traditional purchasing and logistics

to the design of the complex web of supply chain relationships.

PGDSCM course in 2011

We are the first institute in the country to launch PGDSCM course in 2011.

We have one of the best Supply Chain course contents in South Asia! We consider ourselves as the country’s leader in Supply Chain Management education!

Holding a PGDSCM won't guarantee you a dream job, but ...

Holding a PGDSCM won't guarantee you a dream job, but the recent study of supply chain and procurement job advertisements show that many local and foreign organisations prefer their employees to have PGDSCM!

Plan your career around BiMS PGDSCM!

Having BiMS PGDSCM under your belt could give you a crucial competitive edge in a crowded jobs market - employers are increasingly looking for ways to distinguish between candidates, and BiMS PGDSCM shows your ability to commit to a supply chain management career. BiMS PGDSCM may also be extremely useful if you're looking to change career!

Classes & Lecturers

Our faculty members have years of professional and academic experience. Our supply chain classes are held exclusively on Weekends.

Admission Eligibility

Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. Students having 3rd division/below GPA 2.5 (or less) in any stage of the academic career are not eligible to apply.

Key Modules of PGDSCM Semester I


Key Modules of PGDSCM Semester II