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BiMS is the first institute in the country to launch globally
recognised Post Graduate Diploma courses.

Hundreds of job vacancies require the applicants to have PGDHRM!

Most of the employers give preference to candidates who have PGDHRM. Some employers even consider PGDHRM as an "alternative" to MBA. BiMS is the first organisation in Bangladesh to introduce PGDHRM course title. BiMS PGDHRM is recognised by employers since 2004.

Only BiMS PGDHRM covers contemporary contents, such as, HR Audit, HR Analytics and HR Information Systems. Employers prefer candidates who have strong knowledge of Bangladesh Labour Law. BiMS not only develops your understanding of Labour Law but also briefly covers key compliance management issues.

HRM is not the responsibility of HR department alone. Everyone is involved in managing people. So no matter which department you are planning to work or already working, BiMS PGDHRM is certainly a competitive edge for your career. BiMS PGDHRM is only HR certificate in Bangladesh that is endorsed by awarding body approved by Ofqual (UK). So there is no better choice than BiMS when it comes to globally recognised PGDHRM!

We consider ourselves as the leader of Supply Chain Management education in Bangladesh!

We are the first institute in the country to launch the Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) course back in 2011. Our course content includes supply chain processes, supply chain planning, procurement, reverse supply chains, digital supply chain management, supply chain metrics, supply chain risk management and supply chain analytics.

Holding a PGDSCM won't guarantee you a dream job, but the recent study of supply chain and procurement job advertisements show that many local and foreign organisations prefer their employees to have PGDSCM!

Having BiMS PGDSCM under your belt could give you a crucial competitive edge in a crowded jobs market - employers are increasingly looking for ways to distinguish between candidates, and BiMS PGDSCM shows your ability to commit to a supply chain management career. BiMS PGDSCM may also be extremely useful if you're looking to change career!

With an emphasis on latest skills, PGDMBM covers Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Marketing KPI and Marketing Analytics

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Brand Management (PGDMBM) from BiMS will help you to specialise and stand out in today's competitive job market. PGDMBM will equip you with both the latest knowledge and practical skills necessary for a futuristic marketing career.

PGDMBM is the first course in Bangladesh to have Marketing Analytics contents included in its syllabus. The knowledge you gain from PGDMBM course develops the quantitative skills much-needed for taking data-driven marketing decisions.

Our total course fee is 25,000/- 20,000/-. Fees can be paid in two equal installments. UK registration fees and cost of course materials are included in our total fees!

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management Practices (PGDPMP) covers key aspects of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

BiMS is the first institute in the country to launch the PGDPMP course. Project management is an in-demand skill. Industries such as engineering, healthcare, financial services, technology, and law require people who have project management skills.

Whether you work in the project management field or not, most things you do in our personal and professional lives can be categorised as a project! Having PGDPMP under your belt will show that you have the tools and know-how to drive results, giving you an edge over the competition!

Our total course fee is 25,000/- 20,000/- . Fees can be paid in two equal installments. UK registration fees and cost of course materials are included in our total fees!

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