Sharpen your fundamental HR skills to face today’s people issues.
Human resource issues impact every company in some way. That’s why it’s important to understand the fundamental issues surrounding HR today.

BiMS, the country’s leading HR professional organisation, is the first institute in country to launch the PGDHRM course back in 2004. Whether you are new to HR or if HR is one of many roles you fulfill at your organisation, PGDHRM covers the key HR topics you need to know.

People are the biggest asset of any organisation. However, managing employees in order to maximise them for the benefit of the organisation is still a challenge. Why? Human psychology is complicated to understand and behaviours is unpredictable. Each individual has their own characteristics and people behave differently in organisations than they do individually. Furthermore, in an organisation, conflicts of interest are inevitable either between managers and employees or among employees themselves.

Why is HRM an Important Subject?

The importance of human resource management becomes clear when considering the importance of human resources to the modern business – any business. Organisations of all shapes and sizes spanning public and private sectors alike are dependent on both their HR contingencies and the managers overseeing them. Until the day arrives when human workers are rendered comprehensively obsolete, there will always be strong demand for qualified and capable HR managers.

Studying HR management before taking up a professional positon can help ensure the strongest possible groundwork is laid for a fantastic career. Likewise, those already working in HR roles at lower or mid levels may find their prospects improve significantly by studying for a recognised qualification. BiMS PGDHRM is suitable for existing workers and newcomers alike, providing a uniquely flexible and accessible approach to further education.

The Benefits of Studying BiMS PGDHRM

To study HR management at any level is to benefit from enhanced career prospects, a deeper understanding of the role and improved professional competencies. Recognised qualifications help candidates stand out as promising prospects for promotion or initial recruitment.

Just a few of the benefits of studying PGDHRM include:

1. Universal Relevance

The skills, talents and knowledge students pick up while studying PGDHRM are of universal relevance across all business types and sectors. Every organisation needs a strong HR contingency and the relevant management to oversee the workforce.

2. Promotion Prospects

The HR career ladder presents a wide variety of opportunities for promotion and advancement. Even those who start out at an entry-level position often find themselves climbing much higher in a comparatively short period of time.

3. Job Security

Contrary to popular belief, it will be some time before technology entirely replaces the human workforce in most business environments. For the foreseeable future therefore, the role of the qualified HR manager is one of total long-term job security.

4. People Management

The people management skills picked up while working as an HR manager can be transferred to an endless variety of other roles/positions in supervision and management. Once again therefore, future career prospects are wide open.

5. Job Satisfaction

Much of the daily duties of the HR manager are geared toward hiring, training, coaching and nurturing the development of workforce members. Their efforts can be life-changing for those they work with, which translates to real fulfilment and job satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Join PGDHRM


Benefits For Companies

BiMS PGDHRM course can help companies increase HR knowledge that is critical to overall business success. Our programme reduces company’s risk of potential high-cost litigation as we focus on Bangladesh Labour Law and promote a consistent understanding of the HR function to non-HR management.

Benefits For Employees

Our PGDHRM course develops the knowledge and skills needed for HR Planning, Recruitment and Selection. When a potential new employee is being interviewed, HR professionals assess the candidate against a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job. It’s time to turn the tables and see what that list of key attributes would look like for an HR professional.

Benefits For Job-Seekers

As a job-seeker, PGDHRM offers you a broader suite of knowledge that’ll increase your skills and understanding. If you want to be even more successful in your career, then doing a postgraduate course might help. HRM creates a lot of difference in enhancing the productivity of the employees. At the heart of every successful business lies the HR team who drive all aspects of staff management.


BiMS PGDHRM provides a solid foundation in human resource management that improves performance across

job titles and functions.


|  New and junior HR practitioners who need to increase their knowledge base  |

Small business owners or office managers who perform the HR function for their company  |

Business managers who want to learn basic HR best practices to avoid costly litigation  |

New or experienced managers interested in learning more about employee management skills  |

Representatives selling or supporting HR systems and services  |

International HR personnel wishing to increase their knowledge of Bangladesh Labour Law  |

Job seekers who are investigating HR as a new career option or want to have HR as a skill for future positions  |

Duration and Fees

|   PGDHRM can be completed in six (6) months   |

|   Fee for the entire programme is BDT 35,000/- (by two installments)   |

|   Our fees include exam fees and cost of course materials |

|   Registration of students remains valid for a maximum period of seven (7) months    |

|   NO other hidden cost within this period    |

Admission Eligibility

/ Minimum bachelor degree (or equivalent qualification) is required \

/ Students having 3rd division/class/ in SSC/HSC/Graduation are not eligible to apply \

/ Applicants are expected to have language proficiency as exams are conducted in ‘English’ \

/ BiMS reserves the right to reject any admission application \

Semester & Modules

There are total two distinct semesters in PGDHRM course:

|| Organisational Management & Compliance (OMC) Semester ||
|| Human Resource Management (HRM) Semester ||

Duration of each semester is three (3) months. Our course modules contain lean study materials and have been designed to accommodate maximum flexibilty. Students can start their course either at OMC Semester or HRM Semester.


|  Organisational Management & Compliance (OMC) Semester  |

OMC01: Organisations & Management

|  Module 1: Introduction to Management  |
|  Module 2: Organisational Structure  |
|  Module 3: Individual behaviour at work  |
|  Module 4: Motivational Theories  |
|  Module 5: Compliance Management  |

OMC02: Labour Law

Our Labour Law study content covers the regulations related to appointment and conditions of employment, employment of young persons, maternity welfare facilities, health & hygiene, safety, special provision with regard to health and safety, welfare measures, working hours and leave, wages and its payment. Assessment also includes regulations related to wage board, compensation for injury caused by accident, trade union and industrial relations, settlement of disputes, labour court, labour appellate tribunal, worker’s participation in company’s profits, provident fund, offense, penalties and procedure, administration and inspection.

|   Human Resource Management (HRM) Semester   |

HRM01: HR Practice & Planning

|  Module 1: Practice of Human Resource Management  |
|  Module 2: Human Resource Planning (HRP)  |
|  Module 3: Recruitment  |
|  Module 4: Selection |

HRM02: HR Performance & Development

| Module 5: Learning & Development |
| Module 6: Monitoring & Managing Performance |
| Module 7: Reward Management |
| Module 8: Employee Relations |


PGD programme has been developed primarily for the working professionals and part-time students. Classes are held typically on Fridays (for ‘Male batches’) and Saturdays (for ‘Female batches’).

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