Welcome to BiMS – Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies. Established in 2004, BiMS has now become a popular destination for management students and professionals.


We stand for professionalism and quality of service, leading the way with bold new concepts and constantly striving for improved services across all courses that we deliver.


We believe that success comes from stability and an ethical way of conducting business that permeates throughout the organisation. We dare to become the number one – our vision is to become country’s preferred destination for management training and professional qualifications.


We use a combination of contemporary theories and real-life examples in order to make the process of learning 100% experimental! Our trainers believe in our syllabus and our students enjoy our course materials!

Why study with us?

As one of the most progressive and international institution based in Dhaka, you will have the opportunity to thrive, both personally and academically during your time with BiMS.


At BiMS, our trainers have many years of academic and professional experience. They are passionate about management training and committed to making your learning experience positive and rewarding.


We offer modern teaching facilities at our own and permanent campus at GA-9/3, Progoti Sharani, Shahjadpur. Our classrooms are equipped with modern furnishings, cooling systems with full-capacity back-up generators and multimedia.


We know choosing BiMS is an important investment decision for you. At BiMS, we offer affordable quality education for our students. Our fees INCLUDE registration fees payable to UK board, exam fees and course materials.


For all BiMS graduates, ‘certificate of achievement’ is issued by Innovate Awarding (UK). ‘Innovate’ is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.


Our courses are structured as bridges leading students to successful employment. Courses are designed by subject specialists who have a rich and deep experience of working with management students and professionals.


In order to enhance the future prospects of our graduates, our teaching methods are carefully designed and are centred on enhancing transferable skills for our students, covering major and complex topics of our syllabus.

Quality & Compliance


BiMS is committed to maintaining high standards of academic quality and continuous improvement. The achievement of academic quality at BiMS is guided by our student-focused quality principles and processes that:

1.  use a collaborative approach where curriculum and training materials supported by external review
2.  understand what our students (current and prospective) and other stakeholders (including professional bodies, employers and regulators) value now and in the future
3.  implement evidence-based assessment, using traditional exams as only form of student evaluation
4.  focus on maximising effectiveness and efficiency and avoiding non-value-adding bureaucracy
5.  engender a culture of continuous improvement via critical, honest and timely self-reflection and external review



BiMS has adopted the concept of MASTERSNESS. Mastersness is the outcome of a project that was managed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Scotland.


Our students will be encouraged to extract knowledge from training materials and then using these to construct new ideas or meanings. This will be achieved when students apply theory to real-life open-ended questions.


Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for own learning in terms of self-organisation, motivation and acquisition of knowledge. This will be achieved when students are given feedback on exam performance.


Our students will be encouraged to recognise and deal with complexity of knowledge. They will be encouraged to integrate acquired knowledge with relevant skills and meaningful application in practice.


Depth will be achieved when our students are mindful of different viewpoints through interdisciplinary work and when they will promote understanding of knowledge and approaches within and outside the classroom.


Students will be encouraged to display appropriate attitudes, behaviours and values. Learning experience with BiMS should provide the opportunity to identify level of competence the students believe a professional in their discipline would demonstrate.


Our students will recognise that real world problems are complex. Hence, it is important to become creative with the use of knowledge and experience. This will be achieved when students critically evaluate real-life situations by linking theory with practice.


“Since 2004, our post graduate diploma programmes have helped thousands of junior, middle and senior executives across the length and breadth of the country. At BiMS, we aim to have the best trainers, incorporate the latest syllabus and provide lean study materials. We value and serve the students and professionals with great dedication. Our engagement with UK awarding organisations and local industry makes our diploma very relevant and attractive."

Rifat Amin Ryhan
Programme Director, BiMS



Historically, educational institutions of repute have always given due importance to holistic branding, which in turn helped enhance their reputation and standing as brands trusted by stakeholders. At BiMS, for over 13 years we have diligently strived to uphold and enhance our reputation and standing with a view to attract talented students and professionals. While we undergo changes and continual improvements, our “logo” still remains to be the same! We take pride in our brand identity. Alhamdulillah!