PGDPMP | Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management Practices - BiMS

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management Practices (PGDPMP)

covers the key contents Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

  • BiMS is the first institute in the country to launch the PGDPMP course

    Project Management is an in-demand skill. Industries such as engineering, healthcare, financial services, technology, and law require people who have project management skills. BiMS is the first institute in the country to launch the PGDPMP course. With your PGDPMP certificate, you can confidently demonstrate your understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to your clients or employer.
  • Our PGDPMP certificates are endorsed & issued by QUALIFI (UK).

    Having PGDPMP under your belt will show that you have the tools and know-how to drive results, giving you an edge over the competition! Our PGDPMP certification is awarded by QUALIFI (UK). QUALIFI (UK) is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications and exams in England.
  • New PMP exam and next PGDPMP batch!

    Project Management Institute is introducing new PMP exam content from July 1, 2020. In line with upcoming changes, BiMS is also updating the content of its PGDPMP course. At BiMS, we are committed to continual improvements in our course content and service provisions. Admission date for new PGDPMP batch will be announced later inshaAllah!

Semester & Assessment

PGDPMP course has two (2) semesters. The course can be successfully completed within 6-7 months. The students are assessed by comprehensive semester final exams.

Fees & Payments

Our total course fee is 25,000/- 20,000/- . Fees can be paid in two equal installments. UK registration fees and cost of course materials are included in our total fees!

Classes & Lecturers

Our faculty members have years of professional and academic experience. Our classes are held on Weekend!

Admission Eligibility

Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. Students having 3rd division/class or GPA below 2.5 in any stage of the academic career are not eligible to apply.


Sample Certificate PGDPMP