PGDMBM | Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Brand Management - BiMS

With an emphasis on latest skills, PGDMBM covers Digital Marketing,

Brand Management, Marketing KPI and Marketing Analytics

  • PGDMBM will help you to specialise and stand out in today’s competitive job market.

    PGDMBM will equip you with both the latest knowledge and practical skills necessary for a futuristic marketing career.
  • Our PGDMBM certificates are endorsed & issued by QUALIFI (UK).

    QUALIFI (UK) is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications and exams in England.

Classes & Lecturers

Our full-time and guest faculty members have years of professional and academic experience. The course is aimed at both practitioners and fresh business graduates. Our PGDMBM classes are held on every Friday afternoon.

Admission Eligibility

Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. Students having 3rd division/class or GPA 2.5 (or less) in any stage of the academic career are not eligible to apply. Applicants are expected to have language proficiency as exams are conducted in ‘English’. BiMS reserves the right to reject any admission application.

Modules of Marketing Basics

  • Understanding Markets & Marketing
  • Market segmentation and positioning
  • Pricing and Product

  • The marketing process: strategy & planning
  • Place/Distribution and Promotion
  • Buying behaviour

Modules of Marketing Analytics

  • Brief statistics review

  • What drives demand? Modelling dependent variable technique

  • What is an insight?

  • Who is most likely to buy and how do I target them?

Modules of Brand Management

Modules of Digital Marketing

  • Building the ultimate sales website

  • Pay per click (PPC) simplified & explained

  • SEO: The backbone of any digital marketing strategy

  • Mobile optimisation and getting mobile users

  • Social media marketing madness

  • Email marketing


Sample Certificate PGDMBM