Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance (PGDIBF) is aimed at aspiring and practicing Finance and Islamic Banking professionals. PGDIBF equally develops the knowledge in finance and Islamic banking principles. BiMS PGDIBF is quality assured by Innovate Awarding (UK). After completing the programme, PGD certificate is issued by Innovate Awarding (UK) and transcript is issued by BiMS. Islamic finance principles studied through PGDIBF programme introduce the shariah principles and applications for banking and finance sector. PGDIBF develops your knowledge in corporate finance, capital budgeting, working capital management, risk management and Islamic finance principles and fundamentals compiled by International Qualifications Network (IQN).

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 5 Reasons to Join PGDIBF


 duration and fees

|   PGDIBF can be completed in six (6) months   |

|   Fee for the entire programme is BDT 35,000/- (by two installments)   |

|   Our fees include PGD certificate fees, exam fees and cost of course materials   |

|   Registration of students remains valid for a maximum period of seven (7) months   |

|   Additional UK fees ONLY applicable if you want CFS & CIB certificate   |

|   NO other hidden cost within this period   |


Admission Eligibility


Semester & Modules

There are total two (2) semesters in PGDIBF programme. Duration of each semester is three (3) months.


  • Introduction to economic philosophy of Islam
  • Islamic perspective of distribution of wealth
  • Factors of production in Islamic Economy
  • Difference between Islamic economy, Capitalism and Socialism
  • Rules for judging the validity of conditions in a contract
  • Formation and termination of Partnership in the context of Islamic Shariah
  • Forms of financing in Islamic economic systems
  • Musharakah in bank deposits
  • Project financing through Islamic mode of financing
  • Working capital financing through Islamic Banks
  • Import and Export financing by Islamic Banks
  • Different forms of Islamic investments

|   FINANCE SEMESTER (3 Months)   |

  • Nature and scope of financial strategy in practice
  • Capital investment process & tools used by different businesses
  • DCF methods of investment appraisal
  • Sensitivity analysis & capital rationing for project appraisal
  • Different sources of financing for a businesses
  • The costs of capital and its application
  • The components of capital markets
  • The working capital management in business
  • Currency risk & interest rate risk for a business
  • Futures, options, FRA & SWAPS
  • Optimal capital structure and dividend policy



PGD programme has been developed primarily for the working professionals and part-time students. Classes are held typically on Fridays. It is not compulsory for ‘distance learning students’ to attend any class.


optional professional certifications (RPL)

After successfully completing PGDIBF at BiMS, you become automatically eligible for CFS (Certified Finance Specialist) awarded by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). CFS designation sets an expertise-benchmark for financial management. CFS is quality assured and credit rated by SQA at Level 8 on the SCQF. After successfully completing PGDIBF at BiMS, you will also become automatically eligible for CIB (Certified Islamic Banker) certificate awarded by IQN. CIB designation is regarded as a key benchmark in Islamic finance profession and is recognised in Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF). The qualification is awarded by IQN and credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University, UK.




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