Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) is aimed at candidates and professionals who plan careers in Shari’a compliant finance, trade, investment and insurance industry, as well as individuals who want to enhance awareness of Islamic and ethical banking and finance. CIB is job-focused and will require candidates to demonstrate application of Shari’a principles in banking and finance.


Course Content

CIB will provide you the opportunity to gain knowledge of Shari’a principles of Islamic finance and banking. CIB syllabus covers Islamic economic systems, prohibition of Riba in the economy, principles of business contract in Islamic Shari’a, application of different modes of Islamic financing, rules and regulation of Islamic finance and banking, and uses of Islamic investment tools.

Part A: Islamic Economic System

  • Description of Economic System in Islamic Jurisdiction
  • Illustrate Riba, its prohibition & classifications

Part B: Business Contract in Islam

  • Apply concepts of Islamic contract
  • Apply Islamic modes of financing

Part C: Finance and Banking in Islam

  • Apply concepts of Banking and Finance in Islamic Shari’a
  • Uses of Islamic Investment tools


5 Reasons to Join CIB



 duration and fees

|   CIB can be completed in six (6) months   |

|   Fee for the entire programme is BDT 30,000/- (by two installments)   |

|   Our fees include CIB certificate fees, exam fees and cost of course materials   |

|   Registration of students remains valid for a maximum period of nine (7) months   |

|   NO other hidden cost within this period   |


Admission Eligibility



CIB programme has been developed primarily for the working professionals and part-time students. Classes are held typically on Fridays. It is not compulsory for ‘distance learning students’ to attend any class.