Certified Finance Specialist (CFS) qualification is aimed at aspiring and practicing finance professionals. CFS develops your knowledge in corporate finance, capital budgeting, working capital management and risk management. CFS designation sets an expertise-benchmark for financial management. CFS is quality assured and credit rated by Scottish Qualifications Authority at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) with 40 credit points. SQA is the government linked national awarding and regulatory body in Scotland (UK).



CFS Syllabus

/  Nature and scope of financial strategy in practice \

/ Capital investment process & tools used by different businesses \

/ DCF methods of investment appraisal \

/ Sensitivity analysis & capital rationing for project appraisal \

/ Different sources of financing for a businesses \

/ The costs of capital and its application \

/ The components of capital markets \

/ The working capital management in business \

/ Currency risk & interest rate risk for a business \

/ Futures, options, FRA & SWAPS \

/ Optimal capital structure and dividend policy \


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