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What is the Alumni Association?

We’re here to help keep alumni connected to BiMS and each other, sharing the latest news, offering careers support, invitations to all kinds of events – from class reunions to different course events – providing exclusive discounts on learning materials and more.

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Interested in studying another postgraduate training course? We offer scholarships to help make postgraduate study more affordable:
BiMS Loyalty Scholarships: If you gained a qualification at BiMS and you’re considering another postgraduate course for yourself, you could be offered a loyalty scholarship of up to 42%!


Profiles – Tell us about your BiMS experience

BiMS alumni go on to a variety of exciting and successful careers, and we want to celebrate these achievements while encouraging others to continue their education with BiMS.

The Alumni Association is looking for alumni who are proud of their relationship with BiMS to provide a graduate profile that may be used in various campaigns and activities

If you’re willing to support BiMS in this way, please share your recent photographs and CVs via email to: